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Truskavets, village Modrychi

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    Rehabilitation center "Modrychi" -
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    perform impossible.

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Traumatic brain injury

The term "brain injury" (cerebro-cranial injury) is used in relation to a combined injury of skull and brain. Often severe brain injury without damaging the bones of the skull is possible. In any case, the severity of the injury and the prognosis is determined by the degree of brain damage.

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Degrees of brain damage:

  • concussion;
  • bruise of the brain (mild, moderate, severe);
  • compression of the brain (intracranial hematoma,
    depressed fracture);
  • diffuse axonal brain injury.

The most common complaints of patients
who underwent CCI:

  • pain in the shoulder, leg, diffuse pain in the side of the body, joint pain;
  • limitation of movement in the arm and leg up to complete paralysis;
  • sensitivity disorder in extremities and trunk.




Regardless of the severity of CCI the key important factors are:

  • early commencement of intervention, which is aimed at rehabilitation, compensation and prevention of complications;
  • systematic and sufficient duration of rehabilitation sessions, clearly defined individually, depending on the severity of the patient’s injury;
  • multidisciplinary approach of the rehabilitation center, namely coordinated work of rehabilitation therapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, neurologist, urologist, sports therapist and nurse gives a unique result in recovering lost (affected) functions and improving the quality of life of persons after the cerebral-cranial injury.

The goals of rehabilitation:

  • reducing spasticity in the affected muscles;
  • renewal of movements in the limbs;
  • training walking skills;
  • restoring speech, swallowing, writing;
  • recovering daily living skills;
  • training independent active living skills.

Multidisciplinary team

  • Олександра Каландяк

    Alexandra Kalandyak



  • Олег Масний

    Oleh Masnyi



  • Мар’яна Гординська

    Maryana Gordynska



  • Володимир Лєлєков

    Volodymyr Lyelyekov



  • Аліна Терещенко

    Alina Tereshchenko



  • Юрій Метко

    Yuriy Metko



  • Денис Шликов

    Denis Shlykov



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    "This is not just a place where professionals are trying to help but the place where realistic goals are set and reached. Getting victory over the body with the help of young energetic professionals` team.
    patients are not just learning to live again, but find friends for the lifetime.


About Rehabilitation center «Modrychi»

Rehabilitation center "Modrychi" is located on the base of
recreational and health resort complex "Vernygora" in picturesque area
of Truskavets town (3 km from the city center).

Multidisciplinary team : urologists, neurologists, neurosurgeon, psychologists, therapists, social workers, physical therapists, recreational therapists, hydro kinesitherapist, occupational therapist, nurses, junior nurses, specialists on technical means of rehabilitation.

The center’s area is under 24/7 securityRound the clock nursing post. Nurse call button. Permanent consultative supervision of the doctors.

Partnership agreements with recreational and health resort complex Vernygora, Truskavets hospital, Lviv Military Hospital (Military Medical Clinical Centre of West region), the Metropolitan A. Sheptytsky hospital.

Indoor swimming pool is equipped with a special lift, adapted locker rooms and toilets, which makes possible to engage in one of the most effective methods - hydrokinesitherapy.

Our own medical center
To the services of patients of the center "Modrychi" the cabinet of ultrasound diagnostics of all systems of an organism, the department of physiotherapy and balneology with ozokeritotherapy, the cabinet of hydrocolonotherapy, speleotherapy, the clinical laboratory.

We have excellent technical basis - rehabilitation facilities, ergo therapeutic massage, rehabilitation sports ground , workshop for reparing and individual adjustment of technical means of rehabilitation, massage rooms, modern physiotherapy equipment, own laboratory, functional diagnostics, ultrasound examination, 24-hour post of medical personnel.

REHABILITATION SPORTS GROUND is covered with an artificial grass for playing fitball, mini football, tennis, basketball, ping pong, darts. It is also used for training our patients to ride a wheelchair.

Own well room of mineral water "Naftusia", "Maria", "Sofia".

The cozy restaurant is designed to accommodate 40 guests

At any moment you can go for a walk to groomed adapted to the special needs of our patients territory and enjoy fresh air of Carpathian mountains.

We organize your transportation and accommodation at our rehabilitation center

We select the optimal food intake

To pass the rehabilitation program, you should fill in the form


  • 26 specially adapted suitsin wooden houses with the lowest ramp angle

  • Cozy single roomwith area of 25 sq.m.

  • Laundry
    service usage

    • Specially adapted bathroomfor patients who use technical means of rehabilitation, including trolleys, crutches, walkers, chairs for cleaning

    • All necessary comfort Comfortable furniture, cable TV, refrigerator, electric kettle, Wi Fi, nurse call button.

    • Non-hospital

      Service Package «STANDARТ»

      Our multidisciplinary team will create an individual training program in accordance with your needs. It will also create conditions for the disclosure of your body provisions and will help you to form the ability to live an active life ...

      from 116 Euro/per day

      this package program is designed for 14 days

      Service package «STANDARD PLUS»

      We have created the conditions for the training the independent way of life using the individual program 24 hours / day. Our qualified team will always help to improve the functionality of the patient and will assist with understanding in all household and physiological needs.

      from 140 Euro/per day

      this package program is designed for 14 days


      or call +38 (096) 680 77 79