Ukraine, Lviv region

Drohobych district

Truskavets, village Modrychi

+38 (096) 680 77 79

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  • 26 specially adapted suitsin wooden houses with the lowest ramp angle

  • Cozy single roomwith area of 25 sq.m.

  • Laundry
    service usage

    • Specially adapted bathroomfor patients who use technical means of rehabilitation, including trolleys, crutches, walkers, chairs for cleaning

    • All necessary comfort Comfortable furniture, cable TV, refrigerator, electric kettle, Wi Fi, nurse call button.

    • Non-hospital


      Healthy food is one of the most important conditions of rehabilitation, so all meals are prepared exclusively from natural dietetic products. At every meal we offer a balanced menu (changes every day), where you can select salads, first and second plates according to your taste.

      The daily diet includes meat, fish, vegetables and beverages. It is possible to select the menu according to doctor's recommendations.

      If you want to try something special, our restaurant chefs are happy to cook something special for you.

      • перший слайд Інфраструкт-терит
      • другий слайд Інфраструкт-терит


      Round-the-clock nurse’s area. A medical staff call button. Permanent advisory supervision of doctors.

      specially adapted territory

      We took care of adapted barrier free tracks and ramps with the lowest tilt for ease of walks and the movement of people with disabilities at any time of the year and in any weather.

      • перший слайд Інфраструкт-зоопарк
      • другий слайд Інфраструкт-зоопарк
      • третій слайд Інфраструкт-зоопарк

      Nature of "Modrychi" center

      Rehabilitation center "Modrychi" is located on the base of recreational and health resort complex "Vernygora" in picturesque area of Truskavets town (3 km from the city center).

      • перший слайд Інфраструкт-природа
      • другий слайд Інфраструкт- природа
      • третій слайд Інфраструкт-природа

      OWN WELL ROOM of mineral water "Naftusia", "Maria", "Sofia".

      Kids’ Club There is outdoor playground with swings, slides and a sandpit, a children's playroom, children's labyrinth, animators, educational and creative workshops.

      PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENTS with recreational and health resort complex Vernygora, Truskavets hospital, Lviv Military Hospital (Military Medical Clinical Centre in Western region), the Metropolitan A. Sheptytsky hospital.



      rehabilitation facilities, ergo therapeutic massage, rehabilitation sports ground , workshop for reparing and individual adjustment of technical means of rehabilitation, massage rooms, modern physiotherapy equipment, own laboratory, functional diagnostics, ultrasound examination, 24-hour post of medical personnel.


      Підйомник «Гульдман»

      "Guldman" lifter

      It allows to run a patient into the water and lift it out of water with the remote control. The use of network lifting gear makes the work with the patient in the pool simple and comfortable. Also, the lift can be used for training walk.

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      "Guldman" lifter

      The lifter is used for trainings in the pool (hydrokinesisotherapy), as well as for active rehabilitation (walking training). The lifter is attached to the rail system, through which the patient moves within the same room or the entire area of ​the room. Thus, the lift with the help of special slings ensures a patient's lifting/moving, and the rail system provides the patient's movement.

      Training in the pool

      The lifter allows the patient to to run a patient into the water and lift him out using a special sling and remote control. The use of a grid makes working with the patient in the pool simple and comfortable.

      Active rehabilitation

      Also, the lifter can be used for walking training. For this purpose, special active slings are used that support the patient's chest and do not fix the lower extremities.

      Advantages of rehabilitation using lifter:

      The use of an active sling in motor therapy provides protection of the patient from falls in the course of motor exercises, and also allows to change the level of loading on the patient's musculoskeletal system.
      Multifunctionality - the module can be used as an independent device for motor rehabilitation, as well as in employment with walkers or other training equipment.
      Ease of use - slings are easy and fast to setup and remove, and a remote control unit makes it easy to operate the hoist.
      Special fasteners ensure reliable fixation and stabilization of the rails, which guarantees the complete safety of the rehabilitation process.
      Comfortable handling of the lifter - all functions of start/stop​ lifting are smooth and even.


      The simulator allows you to verticalize even the most difficult patients, height and weight do not matter. Regular practice on verticalizer helps improve the functioning of internal organs, restore functions in the upper ...

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      This is a special simulator for the passive verticalization of patients who can not independently maintain their vertical posture. The technical capabilities of this simulator allow verticalization of even the most difficult patients, height and weight at the same time do not matter. The verticalizer allows you to take the vertical position in only three stages - transplant, fixation, lifting with the help of a hydraulic lever.

      The verticalizer is aimed at patients of any age and is intended for rehabilitation trainings and activation of patients with:

      spinal injuries,
      multiple sclerosis,
      a spinal hernia,
      infantile cerebral palsy and its consequences,
      muscular dystrophy.

      Regular trainings on the verticalizer:

      develop and fix existing and lost functions in the upper and lower limbs,
      contribute to the improvement of the functioning of internal organs, in particular, cardiovascular, respiratory and digestive systems,
      contribute to the prevention of contractures,
      improve coordination of movements,
      have a positive effect on muscle tone.

      Results of use of rehabilitation verticalizer:

      stabilization and prevention of growth of osteoporosis.
      improving coordination of movements and an increasing tone of the muscles,
      provision of natural symmetric constant posture,
      reduction of progressive scoliosis,
      improvement of physiological functions (urination, digestion, respiratory functions and blood circulation),
      reduction of the pathology of muscle tone and reflexes (spasms, contracture),
      an increase in the range of movements in the hip joint, knee and ankle joints, as well as in the vertebral column,

      The force of gravity has a positive effect on all organs and systems of the body, but only in an upright position. Therefore, every person should be in the upright position for a long time, every day, and this rule applies especially to people with disabilities.



      This simulator-stand is indispensable for patients who can not stand alone. It allows to smoothly adapt the body to the vertical position, allowing to perform exercises of varying complexity ...

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      The BALANCE-TRAINER (produced by medica Medizintechnik GmbH, Germany) is providing new facilities for the rehabilitation of sedentary patients. Keeping the weight of the patient, the simulator helps to master the initial skills of vertical balancing of the body and with help of our specialists prepare patient for the "first step" in a healthy life.

      Rehabilitation on this simulator are provided for the recovery of patients:

      after a stroke (including hemiplegia, hemiparesis);
      with multiple sclerosis;
      with Parkinson's disease,
      with spinal trauma (paraplegia, tetraplegia), etc.

      The basic principle of the work of the simulator is the smooth transition of the patient from the sitting or horizontal position to the vertical.

      Dynamic simulator allows patient to achieve:

      stability in the back of the lumbar and trunk, securely fixing the body with safety belts,
      partial weight loss due to its redistribution between the device and the patient,
      a tangible reduction in muscle tone and, at the same time, improved joints mobility due to dynamic exercises,
      progress in maintaining body balance training.

      Rehabilitation using the BALANCE-TRAINER simulator also improves the functioning of the whole body of the patient:

      help in the fight against osteoporosis,
      prevent the appearance of bedsores,
      improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system,
      facilitate breathing,
      stabilize the blood circulation,
      stimulate the metabolism and intestinal work,
      have a positive effect on the psycho-emotional state,
      regulate the work of internal organs, allow them to restore their proper functioning.

      For more information about the simulator, its capabilities and the process of training, read our article.

      Thanks to the activities of the modern BALANCE-TRAINER simulator and the professional assistance of the experienced multidisciplinary team of the RC “Modrychi”, you will be able to make a sure step towards healthy and fulfilling life!

      Cистема Tyrostation

      Tyrostation system

      Special rehabilitation complex for power control and analysis of the range of movements of the upper and lower extremities. Allows the most effective and convenient use of modern interactive systems Pablo and Tymo ...

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      Tyrostation system

      Tyrostation is a special rehabilitation complex for power control and analysis of the range of movements of the upper and lower extremities. This unique solution from Tyromotion allows you to use Pablo and Tymo systems as efficiently and conveniently as possible.

      Benefits of Tyrostation:

      Possibility to conduct therapy as much as possible while sitting and standing
      Effective rehabilitation of both upper and lower extremities
      The possibility of personalized therapy settings for each patient due to different degrees of complexity
      Effective and ergonomic therapy with Tymo and Pablo systems
      Easy access to equipment
      Interactive therapy

      Tyrostation is a special table with variable height and storage compartments for Tymo and Pablo simulators and their accessories. Tyrostation includes an ergonomic chair that is used to use the Tymo platform. Thanks to Tyrostation, it is possible to conduct therapy as sitting and standing as comfortable as possible.

      Modules for rehabilitation of Pablo and Tymo allow for both power control and analysis of the range of movements. Specially designed modules of therapy and interactive games motivate patients to perform tasks, as well as increase patient attention and progress of therapy, through audio-visual and tactile feedback.

      PABLO system

      The PABLO multifunctional system with motion and bending sensors are designed to restore the sensitivity of the upper extremities. Motion sensors measure bending and lifting power, finger and palm grip, patient movements. Through interactive and interesting training programs on this system, our patients, together with therapists, will be able to track the dynamics and progress of their work on a computer every day. Learn more about PABLO's capabilities and benefits in our article.

      TYMO therapy board

      The TYMO therapeutic balanced board is a reliable functional assessment of the upper and lower extremities, as well as the trunk, and thus used for computer tracking progress of therapy. The TYMO therapeutic modules in combination with audiovisual feedback provide maximum attention and motivation for the patient during the rehabilitation process. Learn more about the possibilities and benefits of the TYMO module in our article.

      Ортез SaeboFlex


      Trainings with this biomechanical dynamic orthosis allow patients to immediately feel control and start using their hands if they are concerned about spasticity of the muscles, disturbances in the coordination ...

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      SaeboFlex Orthosis

      Trainings with functional dynamic orthosis SaeboFlex are intended for people who suffer from the consequences of neurological injuries, which cause hand operation, coordination and functioning of palms, fingers, in particular:

      after a stroke,
      after a craniocerebral or spinal trauma,
      in multiple sclerosis,
      with CP, and so on.

      SaeboFlex allows you to immediately feel control and start using your arms if you are concerned about spasticity of the muscles, disturbances in the coordination of the upper extremities, and other consequences of neurological injuries.

      The Saebo simulator (UK production) makes it possible to perform rehabilitation exercises with the affected limb, it trains and gradually restores its independent work. After fixing the SaeboFlex orthosis with help of the physical therapist at the “Modrychi” Center, the patient can self-bend and flex his fingers, move his wrist, capture and hold the subject, release it from his palm, etc.

      How does SaeboFlex biomechanical orthosis work?

      • supports the affected hand of the patient in a functional position with the help of various fastening elements;
      • provides dynamical movements thanks to the auxiliary springs for opening/closing, which allows the patient to successfully perform exercises at the expense of complex muscle work and orthosis mechanics;
      • adjusts/changes the load due to the choice of springs of the different rigidity of bending;
      • gives an opportunity to independently perform assignments for capturing/releasing items with the help of fingerprint holders;
      • increases the effectiveness and variation of rehabilitation exercises.

      Saebo's easy-to-use devices let patients feel that their own hands are increasingly restored. Being engaged with the SaeboFlex orthosis, patients can:

      train and consolidate fingerprinting skills with your fingers,
      to restore the work of the muscles of hands and hands,
      gradually restore the work of joints and muscles of hands for their independent functioning,
      increase range of hands,
      restore palm restraint and palpation, palm-fist compression.

      Neuro-rehabilitation in the “Modrychi” Center with a dynamic SaeboFlex orthosis allows the patient's brain to "reprogram" itself through training to capture and restore the skills of the upper extremities.

      Віртуальна реальність

      Virtual reality

      Interactive practice at Sony PlayStation with the virtual reality helmet SonyVR help restore coordination, balance, emotional switching of patients. Virtual reality is a new approach to neurorehabilitation!

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      Virtual reality

      In the “Modrychi” center we are actively using virtual reality in the rehabilitation of our patients. Interactive exercises on the Sony PlayStation-4 with the virtual reality helmet SonyVR is not just high-tech games, it's the latest technology in modern medicine! They help to restore coordination, balance, emotional switching of patients.

      Real-time computer life provides patients with the ability to perform actions and be in environments that are as real as possible. Rehabilitologists, in turn, can control the correctness of the tasks and correct the efforts.

      Plunging into the virtual world, the patient can play tennis, run a labyrinth, avoid obstacles, ski and much more. Thus, he easily and even invisibly participates in the training process for himself, thanks to which a whole range of rehabilitation tasks is realized:

      improves motor skills and compression strength,
      increased motor activity and agility reaction,
      improves body coordination and balance.

      In addition, the virtual gaming process provides patients of RC “Modrychi” high intensity of rehabilitation and improvement of emotional state and mood, which is an extremely important part of the successful recovery of health.

      Benefits of virtual rehabilitation:

        ideally adapts to the needs and capabilities of each patient,
        allows to choose individual game programs,
        allows to measure the patient's return and give an objective assessment of the results of the work,
        you can easily change the complexity of the exercises by setting the appropriate parameters,
        the therapeutic effect is achieved through entertainments and the game process,
        the virtual environment quickly becomes a comfortable and cozy atmosphere for the patient,
        stimulates and encourages the patient to move forward with rehabilitation program.

      Virtual reality is a new approach to neurorehabilitation, which makes the treatment process at RC “Modrychi” not only effective but also extremely interesting and exciting for the patients.

      Swimming pool

      Swimming pool is equipped with a special lift, customized locker rooms and bathrooms, gives the opportunity to do one of the most effective techniques - hydrokinesitherapy. The pool size is 8x20m, depth - 1.5m.

      Ergotherapeutical room

      • перший слайд Інфраструкт- Ерготерапевтичний зал
      • другий слайд Інфраструкт- Ерготерапевтичний зал
      • третій слайд Інфраструкт- Ерготерапевтичний зал
      • ерго зал4
      • четвертий слайд Інфраструкт- Ерготерапевтичний зал
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      Rehabilitation Rooms

      • перший слайд Інфраструкт - Реабілітаційні зали
      • перший слайд Інфраструкт - Реабілітаційні зали
      • третій слайд Інфраструкт - Реабілітаційні зали


      • перший слайд Інфраструкт - майстерня
      • maysternya-2
      • maysternya-3

      Prepared field for physical culture and sport rehabilitation

      • перший слайд Інфраструкт-Майданчик фізкультурно-спортивної реабілітації
      • перший слайд Інфраструкт-Майданчик фізкультурно-спортивної реабілітації
      • третій слайд Інфраструкт-Майданчик фізкультурно-спортивної реабілітації

      Training center

      • перший слайд Інфраструкт-Тренінговий центр
      • другий слайд Інфраструкт-Тренінговий центр
      • третій слайд Інфраструкт-Тренінговий центр

      Massage parlors

      • перший слайд Інфраструкт-масажні кабінети
      • третій слайд Інфраструкт-масажні кабінети
      • другий слайд Інфраструкт-масажні кабінети


      or call +38 (096) 680 77 79